The Story of Tuscan Outdoor Tables

Tuscan Outdoor Tables is a small business based in Dandenong. We are Victorian owned by a carpenter with 25 years’ experience including work on premium homes in Europe and listed buildings. Tuscan Outdoor Tables started up on the Mornington peninsula showing outdoor timber tables at a variety of craft markets. Over the years, Tuscan Outdoor Tables expanded its product range and acquired a small factory.

The company ethic is to provide a robust, handmade, unique timber products that are wholly grown, designed and made in Australia at a moderate price.

We also aim to give flexible, speedy and personal service.  If you’d like to visit our premises or discuss anything, please send an email or call.  We look forward to meeting you.

Although Tuscan Outdoor Tables specialise in Tables for the Outdoors, we are also industry leaders in a multitude of other Timber and Wood Furnishings. These include timber outdoor chairs, timber bars and high tables, bench seating and custom design bespoke timber furniture based specifically on your needs and built with pride.

Give Tuscan Outdoor Tables a call today to discuss how we can assist with your specific Outdoor Timber Tables and Furnishing needs. Our phone number is 0416 586 509, alternatively, you can email Tuscan Outdoor Tables direct at