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Handmade in Australia - FREE delivery & Assembly within 50k of Dandenong, VIC on orders over $500.
rustic, country style weathered timber furniture

Suppliers to restaurant chains & landscapers – DIRECT TO PUBLIC PRICING – Discounts for multiple orders.


  • What wood do you use?

    We use a local Gippsland cypress, sustainable where possible. Cypress is known for being durable, often being used for fence posts where it will weather wet & muddy conditions. It may develop small splits but this enhances the rustic character of the products and can be minimized by placing the setting in a covered area, using a tarpaulin if the weather is wet and the setting is not in use and following care guidelines below

  • How does the wood weather outside?

    Cypress will ‘grey off’ if left untreated and it’s not maintained. If you re-apply a protective coating (see Maintenance below) and give the setting some cover, the wood condition will be preserved much longer. Structurally, the settings are very robust and will last decades.

  • What is the lead time for delivery?

    We aim to deliver larger tables and settings within two weeks – it may be sooner depending on demand and stock levels. Please give us a call and we’ll aim to accommodate you regarding delivery. We tend to deliver at weekends as it suits Customers to not have to take time off work but a weekday can be arranged if preferred

  • How do I maintain my furniture?

    If your product is supplied untreated and is used inside i.e. a stool, it should be fine.  Outside, it will ‘grey off’ and weather.  If it is supplied with a linseed finish, you can re-apply this when the table is looking dry or faded. Simply, mix 60 % turpentine with 40 % boiled or anti-mould linseed oil. Apply liberally with a rag or sponge especially to the tops which get more wear/weather and leave to soak in – overnight if possible although a few hours is usually fine. Just check the surface is no longer greasy before sitting or leaning on it.  N.B.– it’s really important to use boiled or anti-mould linseed oil not regular linseed oil as regular linseed is great food for mould!

  • Do I have to assemble it myself?

    No – we deliver & assemble the settings for you and the larger tables –please see the individual listing for details.

  • How do I dismantle a table or setting when I move house or want to store it?

    You will need to grasp the corners of the table top near the legs and pull up the ends to ease the top off – it’s best with two people and you can use a hammer or mallet underneath to loosen – the tables are solid and marks won’t be visible underneath but you can use a cloth to avoid the hammer marking. You will need two strong people to lift the top off. Then pull the pegs out from either end of the strut – these can also be tapped from underneath with a hammer to ‘pop’ them out. Pull one leg section free then you will be able to slide the strut out of the other leg section. Your table is then dismantled.

  • Do you undertake commissions/ modify products?

    It’s possible if time permits and we can make what you’re looking for – please call to discuss.

  • Where are you based & can I view products?

    A small workshop in Dandenong, Victoria (easily accessible from the Monash & Princes freeway and Eastlink and easy parking nearby) – Unit 11, 17 Brooklyn Avenue, Dandenong,VIC,3175

    Yes, you’re welcome to view products – please just call ahead/drop an email to arrange a time and ensure we’re there & have what you’d like to see in stock.

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